Sipful founders Darius and Emily, can often be found out in the hills of the lakes and Yorkshire Dales, camping, wild swimming and hitting up as many festivals as they can squeeze into their busy working lives.

Darius, a passionate and highly skilled brewer, would usually pack a bag of delicious craft beers for their next adventure. now, we all love a decent beer as much as the next, but when em repeatedly experienced the dreaded beer bloat (we’ve all been there!), they were on the hunt for an easy to drink, canned alternative.

It soon became clear that to find a canned alcoholic drink alternative, that wasn’t synthetic tasting and overly sweet, was near impossible! that combined with their joint commitment to buying as little glass and plastic as possible, meant the options were thin on the ground.

And so the research began, asking friends, girlfriends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters – who has this problem too? the answer was a resounding, many! You don’t want a whole bottle, you want to drink (responsibly) on the go and you want to keep those beaut high waisted jeans done up… amen sister.

Through this collective frustration, Sipful Drinks was born. Em and Darius quit their jobs and committed their time to filling the gap for premium cocktails in a can, using only 100% natural fruit and flavours.

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